Blue Reboot Candidates

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DSCC districts parallel state house districts. There is one “A” seat (woman) and one “B” seat (man) per district.

So you may have up to two Blue Reboot candidates to vote for on your ballot. Be sure to check for that!


"Breka" Dennis, District 4 A

"RJ" Johnson, District 4 B

Erin Posey, District 5 A

Alana Oldham, District 6 A

Robert "Bobby" Darrow, District 6 B

Robin Stambaugh, District 7 A**

"Mike" Ashworth, District 7 B**

Linda Pitchford, District 8 A**

William Leighton, District 8 B

Omari J. Ho-Sang, District 9 A

Kai Macias, District 11 A

Richard R. Anderson, District 11 B

Conrad Cable, District 12 B

Ealom "Tucker" Allen, District 14 B

Laurie Herbert Constantinou, District 23 A

Jack R. "Big Okra" Sweeney, District 23 B

Fidelia Jackson Sutherland, District 25 A

Stephen Norman, District 25 B**

Zendrea Whitehead, District 26 A

Jay Scott, District 26 B**

Aaron Rogers, District 27 B**

Susan Andrews Martin, District 28 A

Anthony Wilson, District 28 B

Christopher Richard, District 29 B

"Aimee" Robinson, District 31 A**

Jackson Voss, District 31 B**

Dylan Dunlop, District 33 B**

Donald Fondel, District 34 B

Sadi Summerlin, District 35 A**

Dustin Granger, District 35 B**

Gisele McKinney Hawkins, District 36 A**

Eric Broussard-Bueno, District 36 B**

Amanda Anderson, District 39 A**

Page Gray, District 42 B**

Katherine Hurst, District 43 A**

Peyton Rose Michelle, District 44 A

Madeleine Brumley Clavier, District 45 A

Paul "Scott" LeBleu, District 45 B**

Amélie Desormeaux, District 46 A

Cecelia "Beanie" Bonin, District 48 A**

David Levy, District 48 B**

Ana Rodriguez, District 49 A**

Kevin Doerr, District 49 B**

Ajani Connor, District 50 B

Ralphon Triggs, District 51 B

Joyceia Banner, District 58 A

Shirley Bonney, District 60 A**

Margaret "Maggie" Conarro, District 61 A

Checo Yancy, District 61 B

Anthony Kenney, District 62 B

Tia Mills, District 63 A

Amanda Wampler, District 65 A

Courtney Price, District 66 A

Caleb Holmes, District 66 B

"Court" Holden, District 67 A

Davante Lewis, District 67 B

Ciara Hart, District 68 A

Matthew Schexnayder, District 68 B

Crystal Ellis, District 69 A

Jonathan Jefferson, District 69 B

Amelia Herrera, District 70 A**

Jordan Gonzales, District 71 B

"Britt" Gondolfi, District 72 A**

"Tom" Hogan, District 72 B**

David A. Noe, District 73 B**

Katie Darling, District 74 A**

John Huntington, District 74 B**

Mel Manuel, District 77 A**

Jeremy "JF" Thompson, District 77 B

Lauren Jewett, District 78 A**

Sabrine Mohamad, District 79 A**

"Matt" Bailey, District 80 B

Cathleen Hyde, District 81 A

Michael Flowers, District 84 B

Calvin Black, District 85 B

Sylvia Hurst, District 86 A**

Jessee Carlton Fleenor, District 86 B

Kiana Calloway, District 87 B

Joan Simon, District 89 A**

Glenn David Millet, District 89 B

Miranda Burbridge, District 90 A

Sean Morrison, District 90 B**

Michelle Anderson, District 91 A

Britain Forsyth, District 91 B

Keith Hutchinson, District 92 B

Darlene Joseph Jones, District 93 A**

Devin C. Davis, District 93 B

Kelly C. Lulich, District 94 A

Arnold "Arnie" Fielkow, District 94 B**

Rustin Loyd, District 95 B**

Toniqua "Toni" Ventroy, District 96 A

Phanat Xanamane, District 96 B

Nziki "Ziki" Wiltz, District 97 A

"Kenn" Barnes, District 97 B

Pamela Steeg, District 98 A

Carlos Luis Zervigon, District 98 B

Page Gleason, District 99 A

Norris Henderson, District 99 B

Kirk Green, District 101 B**

Anne Allen, District 102 A

Stephen Mosgrove, District 102 B

Lauren Neupert, District 103 A**

Stacy Riley Sr., District 103 B

Barrett Creech, District 104 B**